Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ninth Month

Ninth Month- January 20th

Flew on a plane to Iowa. She did great and even met a friend that was on the flight there and back.

Had her first Christmas!:)

Enjoyed the Billings Christmas.

Loves playing with blocks and dogs.

She will not let the blocks get stacked up, knocking them over.

She waves hi and bye.

Went for some walks because it was like 50 degrees!

Height: 26 Inches

Weight: 13 Lbs

Eighth Month

Eighth Month-December 20th

Kate came to visit from Iowa.

Went to the Holocaust museum.

Sitting up on her own. Loves to play with all her toys.

Had her first cold. Kind of. More or less just a lot of snot.

Loves to listen to mom and dad sing to her when she wakes up in the morning.

Had her first Christmas party at Grams.

Enjoying LitClub with mom.

Went to see Santa. ( We have told her Santa is just for fun, I know we are boring.)

Had her first babysitter real babysitter, Chelsea!

Rode first carousel with her dad and LOVED it.

Met Key of Hope!

Had her first Thanksgiving at our house.

Loves to play with water. When bored we fill her tub just a little bit and bring it in the living room for her to play in. She loves this.

Seventh Month

Seventh Month- November 20th

Eva has enjoyed lots of lunch dates with Gram and Aunt Sharon

We set up Eva's first Christmas tree, drank hot chocolate and listened to Christmas music.

Took our first family photos.

Eating lots of new foods. Loves sweet potatoes.

Still loving bath time

Loves going for walks.

She is such a trooper for car rides.

Rolling both ways.

Loves reading.

When dad is home they enjoy their bedtime routine together.

Getting on a much better schedule.

Started making squishy faces when smiling. It is super cute!:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sixth Month

Sixth Month- October 20th

Eva went on her first plane flight to Philadelphia and did awesome there and back.

Went to the ocean for her first time.

Stayed with Josh, Lisa and Lucia Duvall for a weekend and had a blast.

Met some of Dads co-workers.

Loves the exersaucer.

Loves listening to Dad play the guitar.

Went to the Cider mill for the first time. She loved the animals, showed no signs of fear.

Likes to sit in the Bumbo.

Loves going to school with mom to volunteer with middle school girls in a literature club.

Working hard on sitting up on her own.

I think this little one has a strong personality but super sweet as well. We love her to pieces!

Height: 21.5 in

Weight: 12.5 lbs

Kid is not on the charts, so itty bitty.

Fifth Month

Fifth Month- September 20th

September was crazy and Evangeline grew so much!

We had a picnic over Labor Day with Gram and Grandpa.

Held a retirement party for a former coworker.

Went for a fun walk around the Renaissance building using the big kid seat to our stroller for the first time.

Trying out tummy time a lot more.

Took a road trip to Iowa, Stayed in two hotels, saw so many friends and family while there.

Went to her first family reunion.

Loves being with her mama, working on being happy with others!

Went to the Detroit Historical Museum with Anna and boys.

Eva giggles like crazy now!

Tried out some oatmeal cereal but decided it was best to wait another month.

Started rolling over super easy now!

Fourth Month

Fourth Month-August 20th

Gran came to visit from Iowa

Went to Adina and Gareth Crawfords Wedding

Went to Cooks Dairy for the first time.

Swam for the first time with Chelsea, Joe and Papa Frank.

Loves being outside. Went for a nature walk with Mom and Dad and was fascinated by the trees.

Still not a great sleeper! One day mom will sleep again!

Went to her first Tigers game. Holy stimulation overload. Made it to the 4th inning and it turns out she isn't a fan.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Third Month

Three Months- July 20th!

Took an 11 hour car ride to Tennessee. (because doesn't everyone think its smart to drive 11 hours with a 3 month old? ;-) )

Went to work with mom for a week at school for Lit Camp.

Started to giggle.

So much more alert.

After we came home from Tennessee, Eva seemed to be getting much better with her reflux issues.

Started to use her feet to do absolutely everything! She is either half monkey or is going to rock at soccer.

We love her personality! She is super goofy like her dad but also has a spitfire side to her like her mom! ( pray for us )